Portable Presentations with AAXA P4 Micro Projectors

The AAXA "Micro" projector series (M1, M2, P4 micro projectors) feature built-in multimedia capabilities. In other words Power Point presentations can be shown on the projector without the need to connect to a laptop.

Portability | Laptop | Quickstart | Large Display Area

1) Save your PowerPoint Presentation in an area of the Mini-SD card or attach the micro-USB and place your Powerpoint Presentation in the internal Nand2 flash memory directory.

2) Start the P4 and choose Windows CE icon on the bottom right. Note: You will need a mouse attached to the USB in order to navigate within Windowws CE Desktop environment such as the AAXA Wireless Kayboard and Mouse Combo

3) If you have not already done so, install SoftMaker PowerPoint. You can find instructions to do so here

4) Open up SoftMaker Presentation Maker

5) At the top left, click file, then click open and locate where you put your PowerPoint file and open it. (It should be a .xls or .xlsx file extension)

6) You now have free range to start the slide show, edit it and virtually all the other functions you would have in Microsoft PowerPoint