The popular P4X incorporates an Android operating system, along with a touchpad, WiFi, Bluetooth, Video Streaming, and an Office/PDF Viewer

AAXA Technologies announces the P4X "Android" model with Video Streaming, Office / PDF Viewer, WiFi chipset, Bluetooth, Smartphone Mirroring, and more

Tustin, CA January 16, 2017

AAXA Technologies, a leader in the field of pico projectors, proudly announces the P4X Android – a pico projector featuring next generation connectivity and mobility enhancements. At the heart of the new P4X Android is a new smart-CPU operating on an Android Lollipop platform that enables WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth radio, and Android App store. Now P4X Android users are free to connect to the internet and access a myriad of applications including video streaming, Office viewer, smartphone mirroring, and much more. Retained on the P4X Android is an award-winning 175 Lumen optical engine with 20,000 hour LEDs capable of producing a 120” image in dark areas and powered by Texas Instruments DLP Technology.

Digital Movie Streaming

The P4X Android is ready for the digital world. Through its onboard WiFi radio the P4X Android is able to stream online videos from a variety of sources including YouTube, Netflix, Twitch, Hulu and much more. Now users can watch their favorite videos in 120” format (dark areas only) from a truly mobile platform.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The P4X Android’s Bluetooth radio allows connection to wireless devices such as Bluetooth speakers and mice.

Office, Productivity, & Screen Mirroring

The P4X Android expands file support through its onboard Office Suite Viewer including Office files such as PowerPoint, PDF, Word, and Excel documents. Additional productivity features include an e-mail client. Screen Mirroring is possible through a separate mirroring App that is compatible with most smartphones including Android and IOS smartphones.

A Feature Rich “Micro Projector”

The P4X Android is a true "Micro Projector". At less than 5.5” long, 2.8" wide, and 1.2" tall, it is both compact and energy efficient, consuming less than 20% of the power of a traditional UHP projector. Additional features include adjustable tripod, VGA Input Support, HDMI Support (Up to 1920x1080), MicroSD Card Port, USB Port, Composite Video Input, and 3.5mm Headphone Jack. An onboard memory of 8GB is available for downloaded apps and 1GB of RAM as well as a built-in Mali 400 GPU is included.

About AAXA Technologies

AAXA Technologies Inc was founded in 2008 as a developer and manufacturer of a new class of projector known as "micro" projectors and "pico" projectors. AAXA's core technology is based on small LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) and DLP (Digital Light Processing) imagers mated to LED (light emitting diode) and Laser light-sources that makes micro projectors and pico sized projectors possible. In 2010 AAXA launched the world's first laser pico projector and today remains a leader in mini-projector technology. AAXA holds several patents in optical and LCoS designs and manufactures the majority of its products in China, with core technological development occurring in both the Silicon Valley, California and China.

The AAXA P4X Android is available through AAXA's exclusive distributors and AAXA's website.

*P4X Android is compatible with internal lithium ion battery and is a battery operated projector.


MSRP: $399.00
Only $279.00

*Bluetooth mouse and speakers sold separately

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