AAXA P1 Mini Projector through Miniaturization of the Optical Engine

The AAXA P1's revolutionary optical engine ushers in the era of mini-projectors. With the introduction of ever more efficient LEDs and coupled with AAXA's revolutionary new optical engine, the age of mini projectors has arrived. Incorporated in AAXA's P1 mini projector, our state-of-the-art optical engine based on LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) technology consumes only 5watts and produces an 12 lumens of image at a VGA resolution of 640x480. The AAXA P1 mini projector weighs no more than 42g and at a size of 30x30x14mm, it
fits easily into a users hand or pocket. With an onboard li-ion battery pack this mini projector can operate completely autonomous of a wall-outlet for periods up to 60 minutes. And with an onboard video / picture decoder users have a completely portable self-contained mini projection solution