LG mini LED projector brightness compared to AAXA LED Showtime Micro Projector

Courtesy mini-projector-blog.com

We compared LG's PB63 Micro Portable LED Projector(http://www.lg.com/us/support-product/lg-PB60G) to AAXA's LED Showtime Micro Projector. Both projectors exhibit a very similar optical system. Both optical systems are employing DLP's WXGA diamond-pixel imager, and both optical systems incorporate RGB LED (Light Emitting Diodes) light-source capable of over 15,000 hours of operation.

While AAXA drives the LEDs a bit harder, we were surprised when LG came out with a new LED Mini-Projector model that claims to have 50 more lumens at higher efficiency. We assumed that LG being the technology giant, had made a technological breakthrough. Needless to say we were quite surprised when the PB63 was only producing SIXTY FIVE PERCENT of the brightness of the AAXA LED Showtime at it's maximum brightness setting. In fact, the LG Micro Portable LED Projector was less bright than our P300, a 300 lumen product!

We weren't the only ones to notice the issue!


LG PB63 Projector AAXA LED Showtime
Native Resolution 1280x800 1280x800
Imager Technology DLP DLP
Brightness 500 Lumens 450 Lumens
Size 6.22" x 4.06" x 1.30" 5.9" x 5.2" x 1.4"
Power Consumption 60W 85W