How do I connect my P700 or P700 Pro to an iPhone/iPad?

With the newly released Apple Lightning AV/HDMI Adapter you can easily stream Netflx, Hulu, or watch a slide show easily. The Apple Lightning AV/HDMI Adapter is an full HDMI cable and therefore natively mirrors your iPhone 5/6 regardless of the application.

1. First, you need to purchase a lightning to HDMI(on the bottom) or 30 pin to HDMI adapter(on the top) depending on what specific Apple device you have. See the list below to find out what you need for what versions.* Note that some of the older Apple devices will not mirror the display onto the projector.

2. Connect the HDMI cable from the adapter to the P700 or P700 Pro.

3. Select the Inputs icon and choose the HDMI icon.


P700 Pro

4. Congratulations. The connection should be successful!

*Apple 30-pin dock connector -iPhone (1st generation) -iPhone 3G -iPhone 3GS -iPhone 4 -iPhone 4S -1st through 4th generation iPod Touch -iPad -iPad 2 -iPad 3 *Apple Lightning connector -iPhone 5 -iPhone 5S -iPhone 5C -iPhone 6 -iPhone 6 Plus -the fifth generation iPod Touch -seventh generation iPod Nano -all iPad minis -iPad -iPad Air -iPad Air 2