How do I connect my P700 or P700 Pro to an MHL enabled Android device?

Your P700 or P700 Pro is ready to be connected to MHL enabled devices. Make sure your MHL device has an HDMI out on one end. Note: Some Android devices are not compatible with MHL but will have the option of Slimport instead and some do not allow mirroring. Please check if you specific Android device supports MHL or Slimport. Also our projectors only support 11- pin devices.

1. Connect your P700 or P700 Pro and the device you wish to project.

2. Ensure that either the application or device is video-out enabled.

3. Visit the Inputs icon on the P700 or P700 Pro and choose HDMI.


P700 Pro

4. Ensure that the cable is properly secured to the output device and that the application is video-out native. Additional settings might be necessary to enable output.

5. Enjoy your application or output device!