Setting up your Galaxy S3 / Galaxy Note 2 with the M2 Micro Projector

The AAXA MHL Cable allows you to connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3, or any 11-pin Android smartphone to your HDMI-ready projector.

1. Connect the USB end of the MHL adapter to the Micro USB adapter that came with the M2 Micro Projector, then insert the micro USB into the M2.

2. Insert both the micro USB and HDMI ends of the MHL adapter into the M2, then enter the micro USB head into the bottom of your Galaxy Note 2 / Galaxy S3.

3. Turn on the M2 Micro Projector by pressing the power button.

4. Press the Source button on the top of the M2 until HDMI shows up on the top right of the projection.

5. You will now see your phone screen being projected. Enjoy the full mirroring capabilities provided by your AAXA MHL Cable!