How to connect your iPhone to the projector using HappyCast

The P2-A employs a “HappyCast” smart phone mirroring system that is compatible with Apple Airplay.

* Projector and iPhone have to be under the same WiFi network.

Mirroring with an iPhone:

1. Projector

• Select the “Mirror” icon from the Main Menu

• The application will open and next step will be to activate airplay on your iPhone or Apple device.

2. Turning on the Airplay on the iPhone

• Swipe up on your iPhone to access the Airplay option as shown above.

• Select Airplay. Once turned on, it will show you the HappyCast connection. Select it and make sure the mirroring is switched on.

3. Projector

• You should already have the HappyCast App opened on the projector and it will mirror the Apple device.

• Adjust the settings in the app if necessary.