If the P2-B is unable to hold a charge or turn on

1. First check the power adapter is working by ensuring it is securely plugged in where the cord goes into the brick and where the plug goes into the outlet. Try testing with other power outlets to see if the power adapter is working correctly.

2. If there is nothing wrong with the power adapter, go to the projector and see if the charging light indicator is on. Please note for the projector to charge properly, you must have the projector turned off and plugged in.

3. Hold the Power Button for at least 3 seconds and you can hear that the fan is running.

4. If the projector shows no signs of power, then the power adapter must be defective and we can ship out a replacement one for you if you are under our one year warranty at no cost.

5. If you have done these steps and there is still no connectivity, please contact AAXA Technical Support either by email at info@aaxatech.com or by phone at (714) 957-1999 between 9AM and 4 PM PST for further assistance.