What do I do if the P700 is unable to hold a charge or turn on?

1. First, make sure that the LED indicator on the power adapter and on the projector is on and working properly.

2. If there is no light, try plugging the power adapter into another power outlet to see if there is something wrong with the power adapter.

3. If there is nothing wrong with the power adapter, go to the projector and see if the charging light indicator is on. Please note for the projector to charge, you must have the projector turned off and plugged in for it to charge properly.

4. When you try to turn it on and it gives you a flashing red and green LED light where it is circled in red, try pressing the power button after it is done flashing to see if it turns on. \

5. If the projector shows no signs of power, then the power adapter must be defective and we can ship out a replacement one for you if you are under our one year warranty at no cost.

6. If you have done these steps and the projector still does not turn on, please contact us either by email or by phone call to AAXA Technical Support for further assistance.