If you are unable to connect your USB flash drive to the P700 or P700 Pro, here are some tips.

1. First make sure your USB flash drive is 32 GB or lower for the projector to read it.

2. Then it is recommended that the flash drive should be formatted to FAT32 for the best results.

3. Also, have your files in the root of your USB flash drive instead of in folders, so that the projector will read the files correctly.

4. Furthermore, make sure that the files you want to be played on the projector are supported with the P700 or P700 Pro. You may check in the Specification section.

5. Once you have your USB flash drive connected, go to the corresponding option to play your file. So if you want to play a movie file, you would select the Videos option.


P700 Pro

6. If you have done these steps and there is still no connectivity, please contact AAXA Technical Support either by email or by phone for further assistance.