Convert Your Video Files to a Format Supported by AAXA Projectors

These are some tips on how to play supported videos on AAXA Projectors

There are many types of codecs for AVI. So even though a file may say it is an AVI extension, it may be using a codec that the projector doesn’t recognize.

Please try the following:

Please go to this link here to download Format Factory. We have had great success with this free and lightweight conversion program. Use it to convert your video to AVI and that should do the trick. Note: USB or SD card must also be under 8GB in size for the projector to read.

Projector Native Resolution
P1 Jr 380p
P3 1024 x 600
P4 1024 x 768
M1 800 x 600
M2 1024 x 768
L1V2 800 x 600
OEM-250 800 x 600
P2 Jr 380p
P300 1280 x 800
LED Showtime 1280 x 800
P4-X 800 x 480
LED Pico 960 x 540
P3X 854x480