iPod Touch/ iPhone / iPad Cable Troubleshooting Tips

This is how you can connect your iOS device to our projectors.

  1. Turn on the projector and your iPod, iPhone, or iPad.

  2. Connect the iOS device to the projectors AV port.

  3. Change the input source on the Projector to AV mode or composite video.

  4. Play a video from youtube and you should see it appear on the projector and let you know you have a working connection.

  5. If the iOS device is still not projecting, try the following:

  6. Confirm that the “App” you are using allows video output.

  7. Double check the connectors. Are the pins inserted completely on both ends? Try re-connecting the adapters. If your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch has a case on it, this is often times just thick enough to prevent the iPod Adapter to make a secure connection to the bottom of you device and prevent the AV signal from traveling.

  8. If you have done these steps and there is still no signal, please call AAXA Technical Support for further assistance.