Reflashing the P4 Firmware

How to Update the P4

    Please download the following file from by copy and pasting the link into your web browser.

    P4 Reflash Update Link

    Please download the .rar archive from the link above and extract the files onto the root of a MicroSd card of 8gb size or less. (There will be 3 more .rar files from the firs extraction, please extract these as well onto the root of the MicroSD card).

    Place the entire NAND2 folder as well as the NK.rom and tcboot files on the root of the micro SD card.

    1)    With the projector off, place the MicroSD card in the slot in the P4. Make sure the P4 is connected to a power supply.
    2)    Turn on the P4. It will take a little longer than normal to turn on. DO NOT TURN OFF THE P4 DURRING THIS TIME.
    3)    Wait for it to reflash.
    4)    Next, you must go into Windows CE and into My Device. From here go to the SD card and copy the contents of the ‘NAND2’ folder from the SD card, and paste it into the P4’s internal ‘NAND2’ folder.

    This will upgrade your P4 to the latest firmware set.