What is the difference between the P4, P4 - X, and P4 Wi-Fi models?

Different users have different needs:

The P4 line of products is built with portability and function in mind. All three different models have various functions for different users whether they be the business minded presenter or the traveling consumer with the intent of media sharing. All 3 models have the same form and contain diverse features.


The P4 is our flagship model built with the business oriented user in mind. It contains the powerful Windows CE operating system as well as a mini and full USB port along with VGA, Composite, and SD/TF ports. The original P4 comes with an 80 lumen engine that is bright and vivid thanks to Vivid Color Technology and a triple LED system. A 75+ minute lithium ion battery plus all the accessories needed to function this unit as well as a remote control for true wireless use come inside the box. This model can work with optional keyboard/mouse available through our retail store.

P4 Wi-Fi:

The P4 Wi-Fi incorporates a network card that allows you to access remote drives as well as allowing you to browse the internet through Windows CE with full web compatability. This unit comes bundled with the keyboard/mouse combo to ensure the end user full use of the units onboard online functions. A harware revision pushes this units optical engine to 100 lumens with the new "Osram Converter Green Technology" with Vibrant Color Technology. Available through a limited time promotion on our retail store for a short period of time.

P4 - X

The P4 - X is a portable media solution for users who are inclined to watch media, play games, or share pictures and videos through portable solutions such as Android phones, Ultrabook and laptops, blu-ray and set top boxes. These units lose the Windows CE operating system and the full USB input in favor of a lower cost product with a FULL hdmi. USB is still accessible via the mini-usb port and the in-box mini-USB to Full USB adapter. The P4 - X employs the same engine technology found in the P4 at 80 lumens of brightness. This unit does not come with an HDMI cable and must be purchased seperately. The P4-X is also not compatible with the P4's Mouse/Keyboard combo unit available through our retail site.