How to set the equalizer in the audio settings of your P300.

The P300 comes with its own equalizer to help you fine tune the dual speakers that are found on the P300.

1. From settings visit the Audio section by clicking over.

2. Scroll down to the setting titled "Equalizer".

3. From here you can adjust the warmth of various frequencies. The list runs through your low bass sounds at 120hz to 600hz. 1.5khz is the middle where both your low bass sounds and higher vocal sounds will meet. 5khz to 10khz is where you will hear most vocal sounds as well as cymbals and other sharp higher sounds.

4. If you would like vocal samples to sound better raise the settings on 1.5khz, 5khz, and 10khz. If you would like to hear a wider spectrum of sound raise the lower 120hz to 600hz and 5khz to 10khz.

5. Enjoy your output