How to use your iPhone 5/6 with your AAXA M4.

With the newly released Apple Lightning AV/HDMI Adapter you can easily stream Netflx, Hulu, or watch a slide show easily. The Apple Lightning AV/HDMI Adapter is an full HDMI cable and therefore natively mirrors your iPhone 5/6 regardless of the application.

1. The M4 projector is compatible with the iPhone 5/6 with the Apple Lightning AV/HDMI Adapter. Connect the 9-pin adapter to to your iPhone 5, then connect an HDMI cable to the other end of the adapter.

2. Connect an HDMI cable from the adapter to the M4.

3. After ensuring the connection is secure, press the Settings button on the M4 and select the HDMI input.

4. The connection should now be made and a mirror image of your iPhone 5/6 will be displayed.

5. Enjoy the large screen projection for your iPhone 5/6.