How to mirror your Android device on the LED Android

Mirroring allows you to display what is on your Android device (smartphone or tablet) on your LED Android Projector wirelessly! NOTE: If you are using a Samsung Galaxy phone, you will need a different application. Please see the end of this page for more information.

  1. Ensure that both your Android Smartphone or Tablet and the LED Android are connected to the same Wireless Network

  2. On the LED Android, navigate to the Apps icon.

  3. In the App List, navigate to the WiFiDisplay app at the bottom of this list and press OK to open it.

  4. Once the application is open, it will begin scanning automatically for devices.

  5. On your Android Smartphone or Tablet, open your Settings application and Navigate to Display then Cast Screen.

  6. Once you turn the Wireless Display option on, it will scan for devices and should bring up the LED Android (usually named Android_B010 or similar)

  7. Tap on the LED Android and it should start connecting, on the LED Android you will need to approve the connection

  8. Once approved, it should connect and you should be able to see exactly what is on your Android device!

For a Samsung Galaxy device, you will need to download different apps to enable mirroring.

  1. On the phone, download MirrorOP Sender for Galaxy, you can find that here:
  2. On the projector, you will need to download MirrorOP Receiver, which can be found here:
  3. Ensure that both devices are on the same WiFi network, once you open the MirrorOP Sender app on your phone, it should find the projector.