Using LED Android Projector as a Nintendo 64 Gaming System

trace projector

The question has been asked many times- whatís the usefulness of a projector with an Android operating system onboard. Many blogs have discussed this ad nauseam (here and here) but I thought we would take a different approach.

Instead of streaming or connecting a gaming system where you would have to carry around with the projector, Iíve decided to take it back old school and use the projector as a gaming emulator, in this particular case old-school Nintendo 64 games.

  • The things you need for this setup:

  • AAXA LED Android Projector: you can purchase this projector bundled with the Logitech Controller now for $379 on our website: here
  • Gaming Controller: the controller I tested with the projector can be found: here on Amazon. Or if you want to play old school you can purchase this classic N64 controller: here

  • Mega N64 app: can be found here through this link on the Google playstore: here. You can also access the playstore app on the projector to directly download it.
  • Nintendo 64 Games Ė Which you can search on Google for.
  • We tried a few different emulators but found the performance to be unstable. This included Mupen64+AE, Super N64 Emulator, and N64Droid. The best emulator we have found is the Mega64 app stated above.

    We downloaded some games to play on the projector and itís amazing how it works like having a portable gaming system with a huge display all in one. You can watch from the gameplay videos below, how well the game looks on the projector and how easy it is to set up. I mean who doesnít like to play these classic old games with a huge display like you could never before.

    Here is the Gameplay video with the LED Android Projector: