The AAXA "SUPER" battery pack is a premium lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack for use with our pico and micro projectors. Slightly larger in form factor than the AAXA P2, this battery pack extends P2 battery life to 3 hours and the M1 battery life to 1.5 hours. Additionally the "Super" battery pack doubles as a power source for powering & charging all USB based portable electronics including iPhones/iPods, GPS systems, and other 5V USB electronics. The 12V power-port also powers devices such as laptops and other portable accessories drawing 12V DC.

AAXA External Super Battery Pack

  • 3-hour P2 projector power source
  • 1.5-hour M1 projector power source
  • 12V 3A output capability
  • 5V 2A (USB) output capability
  • 135x77x25 mm & 380 grams
  • 49 Wh capacity & 1000+ charges

MSRP: $99.00  Discontinued

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