AAXA P1/P2 to Microsoft Zune HD Audio-Video Cable Now Available

November 4, 2009

AAXA Technologies is pleased to announce the release of its Zune HD cable. The Zune HD cable allows a direct connection from the Microsoft Zune HD to the AAXA P1 or P2 pico projector. This connection allows Zune HD touch users to view videos and pictures up to 80" in size with the AAXA P2 pico projector. Furthermore with the use of the AAXA Super Battery Zune HD users have a truly mobile solution as the Super Battery can power both the AAXA P2 projector and the Zune HD dock concurrently.

The Zune HD Cable retails for $12.99 in the AAXA online store.

You can purchase the cable here: AAXA Webstore

Note the new Zune cable is compatible with both the AAXA P1 and P2 micro projectors as well as the older generation Zunes and the Zune HD